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Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

At Carpet Corner we offer state of the art Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring, that is perfect for any home! So, if you are looking to give your home a new cosier, beautiful look then look no further. We have all kinds of wood designs that we know you will love.

In fact, with the floor being vinyl you can have the same aesthetics as a real wooden floor for a fraction of the price. In addition, this type of flooring is very easy to install and allows you to get your new floor installed within a short time. Therefore, you will not have the stress of fitters in your home for ages like you would with a real wood floor.

Plus, you will not have to deal with other drawbacks that come with real wood flooring. For instance, the price, difficulty to install, durability, and weak resistance to humidity and temperature. Thus, Carpet Corner’s wood effect vinyl offers a wonderful alternative to actual wood planks!

wood effect Vinyl Flooring

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring Defined

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring is a modern flooring marvel that replicates the natural look and feel of hardwood but with added advantages. This type of flooring, available at Carpet Corner Atherton, captures the essence of wood while eliminating the drawbacks associated with traditional hardwood floors.

With its advanced technology, our wood floors provide a realistic wood-look appearance. So this makes it an attractive and cost-effective alternative to solid wood flooring. Wood-look Vinyl Flooring at Carpet Corner Atherton doesn’t just offer visual appeal; it is also an Affordable Vinyl Flooring option for budget-conscious consumers.

Choosing Wooden Floor Materials allow individuals to achieve the desired wood-inspired look without breaking the bank. This affordability, coupled with its long-lasting durability, positions it as a sensible investment in the long run.

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring FAQs:

Do you need underlay for Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring?

Most Vinyl Floors are installed with some form of underlay or protective backing layer. This is because they are self-serving and so doesn’t need an underlay cover. This is because in general most Wooden Flooring is not that thin.

However, if you are wanting to absolutely futureproof your new Wood Floor then it is worth investing in. In many cases, vinyl can be installed over existing flooring, such as tile or linoleum, as long as the surface is smooth and level.


Is wood effect vinyl flooring good?

Despite how broad this question is, it is important to note that LVT flooring is the most desirable on the market. This comes as a result of constant design updates and manufacturing quirks changing.

There is constant innovation on the flooring market, so different visuals are easier to find. Wood Effect combines the natural with the modern in the most seamless way.


Which is better vinyl or wood flooring?

Vinyl and Wood are two completely different floors. Wood is known for its natural feel underfoot and is an overall much more heavyweight flooring. Due to these reasons, it is the more expensive option.

However, Vinyl on the whole offers a lot more range in appearance and has other dimensions to it too. It is more impact and scratch resistant though too, so is much more of an all-rounder than hardwood flooring. Perhaps you may even prefer the synthetic feel underfoot as opposed to a rough wood.

Ultimately Carpet Corner Atherton is your go-to destination for both of these flooring and even Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring.

Is Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring Suitable for All Rooms?

This flooring is certainly versatile and suitable for almost any room in your home. Its water-resistant properties make it a great option for kitchens and bathrooms, while its durability and aesthetic appeal make it suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and even commercial spaces.

Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, wood effect vinyl is highly resistant to moisture. Its waterproof nature makes it an excellent choice for areas prone to spills, humidity, or dampness. This characteristic also makes it easy to clean and maintain.


Is Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring Scratch Resistant?

Yes, our vinyl floors are designed to resist scratches and dents. As a result of making it a practical choice for households with pets, children, or heavy foot traffic. However, it’s advisable to use furniture pads and take preventive measures to maintain its pristine appearance over time.

Ultimately the thickness of the wear layer plays a crucial role in determining the scratch resistance of wood effect vinyl flooring. At Carpet Corner Atherton, we offer a range of options with varying wear layer thicknesses. Therefore this allows customers to choose a level of durability that aligns with their specific needs and preferences.


How Long Does Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring Last?

The lifespan of wooden vinyl depends on factors such as quality, maintenance, and usage. High-quality vinyl flooring can last 15 to 20 years or more with proper care. Regular cleaning and avoiding abrasive cleaning agents contribute to its longevity.

While high-quality wood effect vinyl flooring is designed to resist fading, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can affect its colour over time. To minimise the risk of fading, use curtains or blinds to protect the flooring from intense sunlight.

Our  Suppliers

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Vinyl Flooring Manchester: A Growing Trend

In the heart of Manchester, where style meets sophistication, the demand for Vinyl Flooring is on the rise. Homeowners and business proprietors are recognising the numerous benefits that Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring brings to the table. Vinyl Flooring has become a popular choice in Manchester, particularly the wood-look variety. Ultimately transforming spaces into inviting havens of warmth and beauty.

One of the standout features of Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring is its ability to mimic Luxury Vinyl Plank aesthetics. These planks emulate the natural variations in wood grain, so provides an authentic appearance that exudes luxury. Homeowners in Manchester are embracing Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring for its ability to effortlessly elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space while offering the resilience that vinyl is renowned for.

Wood Style Vinyl Tiles are another gem in the array of options available at Carpet Corner Atherton. These tiles offer unparalleled versatility, thus allowing for creative and customised flooring designs. Whether you prefer herringbone or contemporary planks, Wood Style Vinyl Tiles in Manchester provide the flexibility to bring your design dreams to life.

Setting your New Flooring up for the Long Term

One of the standout features of Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring is its remarkable durability. Unlike real wood, vinyl is resistant to scratches, dents, and stains, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas in your home. Daily Wear and Tear durability ensures that your investment in Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring will stand the test of time.

So contrary to popular belief, vinyl flooring can provide a comfortable and warm underfoot experience. Many Vinyl Floor options come with additional layers that provide insulation and cushioning. Carpet Corner Atherton offers a curated selection of vinyl flooring with advanced features that contribute to an inviting atmosphere in your home.

For eco-conscious consumers, Carpet Corner Atherton provides Wood Floor options that prioritise sustainability. These options are crafted using recycled materials and adhere to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Choosing vinyl flooring with a focus on sustainability allows homeowners to make a positive impact on the environment without compromise.

Buy Wood Effect Vinyl near me!

 luxury wood effect vinyl floorsWe stock all kinds of wood vinyl, meaning whether you have a high or low budget for your floor we have something for you. And, you can ask any of our experienced staff members for advice if you need it!

The wood effect vinyl flooring from Carpet Corner has all the benefits of engineered materials, but also still keeps the lovely design of classic style wood. So, if you are looking to fit into a kitchen or bathroom that’s perfect because it’s resistant to temperature and water, the two big enemies of natural wood.

We have over 50 years of experience which means that we are able to find the right flooring for your homely needs! So why not visit us today to see what kinds of wood mimicking vinyl we have to offer? Not to mention, you can always contact us for advice if you need it!