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What colour floors are in style for 2023?

Vinyl Flooring Manchester

A Flooring Trend which never goes away is Colour, different colours coming in and out of fashion every year. This will come down to the popularity of specific floorings, new ranges and domestic décor. However, it is Carpet Corner’s job to keep ahead of the trends so our customers Vinyl Flooring Manchester are ahead of the curve.

The whole appeal of Vinyl Flooring is appearance, whether it is vinyl tiles or vinyl plank flooring. With the Wood Effect and Tile Effect Flooring looking to embrace different colours and aesthetics. Even Patterned Vinyl Flooring has opened up new avenues when it comes to redesigning your home in your image.

Carpet Corner has been the showroom supplying luxury vinyl flooring at affordable prices for decades now.

What are Customers looking for in their Vinyl Flooring?

In 2023, Vinyl Flooring is coming back into fashion and this is because customers have realized its potential. Rich Brown Wood tones are back in fashion, now becoming established in contemporary decors. This is because rather than a minimalistic approach, it is much grander statement for your home.

Another factor which can be linked to this is purposefully imperfect finishes, the Japandi style trend. There is no other style which can achieve such a level of authenticity when it comes to vinyl floor tiles. These are especially used as kitchen vinyl flooring, due to the marble, stone and other materials being durable surfaces.

Unique Patterns also make for a fantastic Vinyl Roll Flooring, made up of any shapes and colours you desire. Traditional Checkered Patterns are extremely popular, as it isn’t a hugely complicated pattern. Most commonly, these are found in hall ways or even as bathroom vinyl flooring mainly due to how they handle traffic and water.

Which tones in particular?

As established already, these darker wood effect vinyl floors are becoming a living room essential. If your décor is darker then we certainly suggest this, yet if you have white furniture we suggest mid-tone brown instead. This slightly lighter tone is a timeless classic, which has been used in many ways over the past century.

Vinyl Roll Floors are easy to achieve, especially if you are able to select the ideal pale tone. Some of the most popular consist of beiges, light greys, and even white too.

If you are intrigued by a Checkerboard floor, why not stray away from your typical black/ blue and white.  A more modern approach is combining two different shades of gray, a dark and a light.

Alternatively for a retro look, we suggest colours such as red, green and orange paired with white tiles. Although smaller tiles are suggested to emphasise the pattern, a popular trend right now is larger tiles. If each tile is the exact same size then this will certainly be a slick floor for your bathroom

Vinyl Flooring Manchester at Carpet Corner

If you are interested in coloured vinyl flooring then you will definitely have to come to Carpet Corner. Here we not only have a massive array of vinyl planks and tiles, but also a huge selection of carpets. For any immediate enquiries about particular flooring, call us at: 01942 873580.