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How is Vinyl Flooring being used in 2023?

Vinyl Flooring Trends 2023

Vinyl Flooring has always been one of the most innovative floorings when it comes to flooring trends. Both Vinyl Planks and Vinyl Tiles are constantly being redeveloped to capture different appearances and moods. As a result of this, there are always new options so let’s take a look at some Vinyl Flooring Trends in 2023.

At Carpet Corner, you can expect to come across some of the most gorgeous flooring at affordable prices. These aren’t just all looks with no substance; in fact, our Vinyl Flooring has been manufactured with precision. This makes your selection even more important, as it is more of a long-term investment.

What are popular Vinyl Flooring Trends in 2023?

Generally speaking, LVP and LVT Flooring have consistently become more desirable across the past decade. These aren’t only down to the excellent material advantages, such as waterproof and scratch resistant. But appearance is the biggest factor, as Vinyl can actually maintain its appearance over time.

If you are considering Tiles then it is important to know that bigger tiles are all the hype in 2023. The upside of Large Format Vinyl Tiles is that the underfoot is much better compared to smaller tiles. In addition, the illusion of there being more space within your kitchens and living rooms.

Patterns are always going to capture the eyes and will be there to stay throughout the lifespan of the flooring.  In 2023, a lot of Retro Vinyl Flooring Patterns have come back into fashion. For instance, Chevron and Parquet patterns are timeless styles which are cropping up in more and more homes.

Which Styles are destined to stand out in Your Home?

Rich Wood Tones have certainly made their impact on the flooring industry, but now trends have gone the other way. Light Neutral Colours are incredibly popular right now, due to how they can slot into traditional and contemporary decors alike. This applies to wood planks specifically, whitewashed wood brings an elegance which darker tones could not.

Herringbone Vinyl is the most popular vinyl floor on the market right now. The reason for this is because of the natural material paired with the unique pattern too. This zigzag pattern will add flair to any kind of lounge area, both domestic and commercial.

Stone Tiles are as requested as ever, potentially the most flexible vinyl flooring right now. Right now the Japandi style has become the go-to floor for any bathroom or kitchen setting. Mainly due to how well this material ages over time, no matter the circumstances.

Carpet Corner Vinyl Flooring Trends 2023

At Carpet Corner Atherton Showroom, we supply not just vinyl flooring but a huge selection of different floors. As the name says, our speciality is carpeting first and foremost so expect the highest quality possible. Other popular ranges for Carpet Corner are laminate and luxury vinyl floorings too, in addition to others.

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