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Vinyl Flooring: Spoilt for Choice at Carpet Corner

Spoilt for Choice at Carpet Corner

Making the decision to buy vinyl flooring is a huge advantage for your kitchen, but there is still a lot to decide. This is due to the three different vinyl flooring to select from, all having differences yet Spoilt for Choice in every department. So, what do I need to know before investing in a vinyl floor?

This blog will outline exactly why vinyl flooring is so beloved and the many choices which come with it. In addition to pointing you to the most reasonably priced carpet shop in the Greater Manchester area.

At Carpet Corner, we have spoilt you for choice when it comes to vinyl flooring solutions. Each one of our flooring has been hand selected based on our strict flooring criteria. This is to supply our customers with only the most reliable


What’s the novelty of Vinyl Flooring?

Firstly, Vinyl Flooring is known for how practical the material is and all of the upside it has.  No matter if its sheets, planks or tiles, durability and easy cleaning is guaranteed. The surface is smooth and has a cushioned feel, not just being convenient but being comfortable too!

In terms of life span, Vinyl Flooring can last up to 30 years if taken care of. Yet typically lasts between 15 – 20 years without regular, effective maintenance. However, this may all depend on traffic and even location within your home.

Location is actually the biggest reason as to why many people invest in vinyl flooring in the home. This is due to the fact that these can slot into a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and more. Price is always a huge advantage, as you can have this affordable flooring across the home.


The Three Different Types of Vinyl Flooring

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring provides an authentic, visually appealing wood appearance without the downsides. As a result of it being vinyl flooring, you have the durability of vinyl whilst having a unique wood flooring covering layer. Best of all, wood vinyl patterns are an excellent way of personalising your new floor.

For a tiled solution try Tile Effect Vinyl Flooring, realistic-looking stone flooring for kitchens and bathrooms. Compared to any vinyl flooring, tile effect vinyl certainly has the most options for a natural look. Despite the fact that these are built to last, if you ever fancy an update this can quite easily be achieved.

Patterned Vinyl Flooring can be exactly what you wish it to be, combining any pattern, colour and style. The material is excellent at withstanding water, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Most commonly, these are used primarily for brightening up your home.


Carpet Corner’s Vinyl Flooring

If you are in need of vinyl flooring, then the one place to browse is definitely Carpet Corner. Our vinyl flooring range is made up of handpicked solutions, not just for now but for decades to come. A timeless style paired with high quality materials to get the very most out of your investment.

So, either pop into our Atherton showroom. Alternatively, you can contact our team first to discuss your floor plan.