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Types of carpets

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Looking for a good-value carpet that’s durable enough for a hall, or types of carpet that will add luxury to your living room, then read on and we hope this guide will help you make the right choice.

Well, carpet is great for making a room cosier and insulating internal floors. It’s also a good choice if you like to walk around barefoot.  Most people opt for carpet because it offers comfort and warmth. 

Why choose carpet?

Alongside the feeling aspect carpet envokes, there are also lots of practical reasons to choose carpet over other flooring types like:

  1. Soundproofing – carpet offers a soft tread and absorbs sound.
  2. Safety – Soft and non-slip it’s a great option on the stairs. 
  3. Non-slip surface – pet dogs found laminate too slippery to walk on.
  4. Flexible – carpet can be lifted to do work on floorboards or plumbing below.
  5. Accidents – dropped objects on a carpet are less likely to break.
  6. Cover up – carpet can be laid over uneven surfaces and can do a better job of disguising issues with your floor. 

So, if you’re about to buy a new carpet, there are a few decisions you need to make before making the purchase. Things like what colour or pattern will suit your room. Plus, you’ll need to pick a type of carpet and a material. Carpet materials cover a wide range; from hand-woven wool to plush synthetics to hard-wearing sisal, there are plenty of materials available.

Which type of carpets you choose will depend on where you’ll use the carpet, and will also ultimately come down to your budget.

Cheap Carpet Types Vs Luxury 

We all want a bit of luxury in our lives. However, one of the main things to consider when choosing types of carpets is how much you want to spend. Carpet costs can vary from less than £5 per square metre for a simple synthetic to more than £100 per square metre for a premium, hand-woven design.

Additionally, you need to think about the area where the carpet is to be fitted. Because, high-traffic areas, such as hallways, will benefit from more durable materials. Also, if you’ve got children or you like to entertain, you’ll need something that’s easy to clean. Plus, households with pets with claws may want to rule out certain types of carpets that can easily be plucked.

In summary, luxury is achieving the look and feel you’re after at an affordable cost. 

Choosing a carpet pile

The pile of a carpet is the description of its individual fibres and there are two types of carpet pile, them being:

  • Looped pile – where the fibres loop back into the backing material
  • Cut pile – where the fibres are cut off at the top

And it’s how closely knitted together are the fibres and the height of the pile that gives an idea of the carpet’s durability. For instance, we know that short, dense, heavy carpets are more durable and hard-wearing than those with loose, longer fibres.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to check a carpet’s durability before you buy. There’s the thumb test, where you press your thumb into the pile and the more quickly it springs back and recovers, the more dense and resilient it should be. Additionally, take a look at the back of the carpet to see how closely packed the tufts are.

Woven and Tufted Types of carpets

There are two main types of carpet in the UK: woven and tufted. The difference lies in the way they’re made: woven carpets are labour intensive and therefore more expensive, while tufted carpets are easier to produce. Most carpet sold in the UK is tufted. 

Woven Types of carpets

There are two main types of woven carpet: Axminster carpets are made by weaving fibres in and out through the backing material. They are known for their intricate patterns. Wilton carpets are made on a loom of the same name, which weaves the yarn in a continuous strand.

Tufted Types of carpets

Tufted carpets are by far the most popular in the UK. They’re made by a machine that punches pile yarn into the base material and comes in a variety of styles and materials. 

Which type of carpets should you choose?

Choosing the best carpet materials Synthetic materials such as polypropylene and nylon are cheaper, more stain-resistant and less prone to mould and mildew. But they’ll also wear out more quickly. Natural fibres, such as wool and sisal, can be pricey, are more prone to staining and can attract insects, but the fibres are resilient so they’ll last longer.

Shop for great carpets with outstanding designs at Carpet Corner! Call in and see how the different materials compare: Polypropylene Polyester Nylon Wool Sisal and other plant-based materials. Let us help which type of carpets you should choose.

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