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Thomas Witter

Thomas Witter Carpets have been manufacturing the most effective wool carpet solutions since the 1960s. Their fine carpets have been adding elegance to living rooms up and down the UK, creating cosy home environments. Thomas Witter Carpets are manufactured using yarn and raw materials to achieve the ideal flooring for customers.

In design you are certainly not struggling for choice, in both colour and pattern for commercial and residential flooring. Another thing to take into account is material, especially feel which arguably gives you the most selection.

It says it in the name, Carpet Corner specialise in providing the most selection when it comes to carpets. Not only do you get affordability, but you get practicality and most importantly high quality.


The selling point of Thomas Witter Carpets

As previously mentioned, Thomas Witter takes the cake when it comes to a well-designed carpet. Just one glance at these carpets shows you the level of detail which goes into manufacturing. Unique Patterns and Textures which you simply won’t find with other carpet brands on the market right now.

Feel will always be the priority with domestic flooring and Thomas Witter certainly take this into account. No matter the style, the underfoot will be very comfortable with a cushioned finish.

The range in flooring which Thomas Witter aim to bring customers is absolutely massive. For instance there are twist, accolade, luxury, natural habitat, resolute and retro to name a few. All of the carpets have gone through a thorough manufacturing and quality check process. 


Find your new flooring at Carpet Corner

Carpet Corner is the local hotspot for finding your ideal flooring today. We have a wide selection of carpets from big brands like Thomas Witter, Intenza and Condor Carpets.

The Carpet Corner team are always available to discuss your flooring project. So, pop in for either a quick chat or long discussion about your domestic flooring.