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Rhino Flooring

Rhino Flooring is renowned for always challenging the status quo and finding new ways to create quality flooring that delivers unmatched performance. As a company, they like to take alternative approaches and use different ways of thinking in order to ensure their products are not only simple to use but easy to understand. All whilst maintaining outstanding performance characteristics.

Rhino prides itself on meeting the needs of its customers and is focused on catering to any demands that the contractor may have.

Rhino is naturally Strong

When it comes to the vinyl floor market, Rhino is a leading player. And just like their name eludes, Rhino flooring is both strong and durable. Rhino Vinyl flooring doesn’t just look good, it’s tough and resilient thanks to having an excellent wear layer and foam backing.

Here at Carpet Corner, our range of Rhino Floor vinyl can offer you a tough flooring option for your home. This is excellent for those that want their floors to withstand the test of time or have areas of their property that experience high foot traffic. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why you may decide to opt for a tougher vinyl flooring option. For some, a durable floor covering that offers excellent stability is a must.  

Beautiful Rhino Vinyl Flooring at affordable prices

Rhino Boasts a stunning range of collections of flooring. Ensuring that you don’t just feel quality beneath your feet, you get to see it as well. When you walk into a room, for some, the floor is the first thing you see.

This is why their range of naturally tough flooring options are available at affordable prices, ensuring you don’t have to comprise on quality for the sake of the price tag.

Rhino flooring

Vinyl Flooring that does it all

Rhino Vinyl Flooring is as practical as flooring can get. When shopping for new additions to your property, you may find yourself considering what you want to get out of your purchase. This is why Rhino has done its research and listened to its customers. As a result, they have created collections of vinyl flooring options that meet their consumer’s needs very well.

Not only have they developed a range of Vinyl that is super strong, but Rhino has also created a flooring option that is resistant to scuff and scratches, that is easy to maintain, and waterproof! Not only do these properties make Rhino’s Vinyl desirable for rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, and conservatories. But they will also make a great addition to other rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms.

What’s more, Rhino Floors are so strong they’re perfect for commercial areas and can hold their ground in busy workspaces, such as factories!

If you’re looking for great flooring, Carpet Corner has it all!


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Rhino flooring

Carpet Corner has vinyl flooring of all colours, patterns and price ranges. A simple quote can get the process of your new flooring on the move!


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Carpets | Laminate | Project Flooring | Vinyl Flooring | Luxury Vinyl Tiles | Blinds | Artificial Grass


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