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Quick-Step Flooring

Quick-Step Flooring is the brand for all of your flooring needs: laminate, vinyl, wood, you name it! Set the tone for your new home with a brand-new Quick-Step flooring – a flooring manufactured with your home in mind. From your converted attic space down to your kitchen, Quick-Step have flooring selections for each room of your home!

Invest in high-performance flooring to give you peace of mind in your home. Quick-Step has been specialising in unique designs, waterproof layers and a lasting appearance, since 1990. 

Quick-Step Flooring


A History of Quick-Step Flooring

The idea for Quick-Step was simple: they wanted a cheaper and easier-to-maintain alternative for traditional wood flooring that looked just as lovely. The new Quick-Step brand soon conquered the hearts of old and young alike. With unique designs, they rejuvenated people’s bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. 

With the ambition of offering high-quality floors to suit everyone’s taste, the team behind Quick-Step started exploring different flooring materials after the turn of the century. That quest culminated in the launch of our first innovative wood floors in 2009. To better protect the solid-wood top layer, Quick-Step developed the Wood for Life technology

This flooring allowed Quick Step to become a familiar household brand, with hassle-free maintenance being a huge selling point. Their latest success was the Alpha-Vinyl range, 100%-synthetic floors perfect for family homes.

How is Quick-Step different from the rest?

As mentioned, Quick-Step has huge ranges in hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring, meaning there is a flooring option for every need. With each material there are plenty of different designs to choose from, going from light to darker. 

Laminate Flooring is a very sustainable choice with Quick-Step, not to mention the water resistance. For a more rigid flooring for high-traffic areas consider a vinyl flooring for maximum comfort. Alternatively, hardwood flooring is the best way of capturing a formal yet natural look. 

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Quick-Step Capture Collection

True to nature’s design, with its elegance and authenticity, it is almost impossible to distinguish Capture from real wood. Our high-quality floors are the result of refined craftsmanship and innovation. That is why you cannot miss out on Quick-Step’s Capture laminate floors.

Capture infuses natural beauty in your interior, combined with all the comforts of laminate. Enjoy the realistic look and feel of wood in every knot, crack, grain and joint of your floor. This laminate collection comes closer to real wood than you ever thought possible.


Quick-Step FlooringHere at Carpet Corner we have laminate and vinyl flooring of all colours, patterns and price ranges. A simple quote can help you begin putting your vision into action!

In short, Quick-Step has collections unlike any others, and Carpet Corner are lucky enough to supply these to North West customers. This is a family-run business, which is full of experienced flooring installers, trained to the highest standards so your floor is safely installed. 


For a cost-effective and high-quality flooring quote for new Quick-Step Flooring and fitting!

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