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Patterned Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for a top of the range patterned vinyl selection then Carpet Corner is a perfect choice for you! Our local showroom stocks an amazing range of patterns and styles of vinyl floors that is sure to please. 

Invest in patterned vinyl from our store and you will guarantee yourself a high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting floor. And, your home will get a brand new feeling that you will love.

There are many benefits that come along with choosing vinyl as your flooring option. For instance, patterned vinyl is quick and easy to fit, and very simply maintained!

Plus, our customer feedback on the patterned vinyl we have sold and installed has been positive when it comes to looks and price.  

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We’ve made it easy to discover your perfect patterned vinyl flooring. So, call in and see us and you will find 100s of designs by collection, effect, colour, or status.

The most common choices for vinyl flooring installation is in kitchens and bathrooms; as the material is very effective against water. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any spillages etc…

However, we stock patterned vinyl flooring that will brighten up a room. Choose designs to add class, sophistication, or a modern twist to any room that you choose to put it into.

In conclusion, visit us today to see what we have in store just for you..

Our Suppliers

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