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New Blinds trends in 2022

Designer Roller Blinds

As we enter a new year, why not start to think about new blinds?

 With help from the upcoming trends in 2022, whether you’ve already got blinds, or this is your first time opting for them. Here at carpet corner, we’ve put together some of this year’s biggest blind trends.

Whether you’re looking for Roller, Vertical, or Venetian Window blinds, the opportunities to update your home this year are endless.

Nature inspired

People have already been speaking about ‘Bringing the outside in. However, in 2022 it is thought it will come to fruition. With more people opting for a more natural look in their homes this year due to influence from sustainability, biophilia and the need to feel closer to nature the interior of our homes is going in a more earthy and nature inspired direction.

The simplicity of this look is comparative to hardwood floors. With more nature-inspired looks you still get that organic style and plenty of texture but just with slightly more gentleness. The easiest way that some are achieving this look is by opting for wooden blind options and picking grainy wood materials for their blinds to mimic the feel of wood and trees in their homes.

Natural hues, such as green, brown, purple and blue are popular colours that are being chosen in order to emphasize the beauty of nature and bring it closer to the home.

Natural fabrics and materials add texture to new blinds

As we’ve already spoken about bringing the outside in, it’s no surprise that a trend that’s rising in 2022 is textured blinds. Due to the influence from the great outdoors homeowners are incorporating textures such as rattan, wicker, nubby linens and woven fabrics, natural fibres and materials will be popular in homes throughout 2022 when it comes to window dressing.

Bold colours, textures and patterns for blinds and curtains

This year you should ready yourself for an influx of variety and statement pieces in people’s homes, and you may even opt to go down this road with your own purchase.

Bold shades, such as chocolate tones, navy blue, peach are being widely used to make a statement. As well as this, dense materials, such as, velvet, are becoming an increasingly popular choice for curtains and furniture.

When it comes to textures expect to see a mixture of light and dense fabrics, that can be layered to create the desired effect. Windows can be layered starting with blinds all the way to light or heavy curtains to allow you to achieve the window dress design that your covert. you can switch from the lightest to the densest fabrics depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Prints are also predicted to get bigger and bolder this year. Experts suggest you consider fascinating prints that refer to unusual floral patterns and tropical colours. It should be noted that they will look particularly relevant in the living room.

Roman blinds

Sometimes the easiest place to start is with a classic. When it comes to window dressing roman blinds are one of the most versatile window treatments around. With being able to dress them up or down, this classic style of blind has been popular for many years! Are proving to be strong in 2022.

Due to all the colours and styles that are trending in 2022, it can be hard sometimes to apply these to your own home in the way you want. Roman blinds allow you to execute your vision easily.  As they come in a variety of colours and materials to suit any style.

As well as this, roman blinds are one of the less expensive options in comparison to other window dressing alternatives. They’re also durable and long-lasting. Enabling your money to stretch further and your stylish blinds to stay in your home for longer! The style and practicality of these blinds is a trend that will dominate in 2022.

When deciding what direction to go in for your blinds, it’s easy to get confused and lost in what direction to go in. with these trends were hoping to help you make an informed decision and find the right blinds to keep your home’s style fresh and on-trend this year.