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Manx Tomkinson

Manx Tomkinson boasts three main collections of carpets, which can bolster your home interior today. Since the mid-1800s, the Tomkinson family have been manufacturing and innovating different flooring across the UK. They have a carpet for every home and aesthetic, all you need to do is scroll down their website to see.

Above all, Manx Tomkinson is known for the world’s best-selling twist carpet to maintain serenity of home comfort. A Twist Carpet is made from yarn for a textured feel yet minimalistic appearance. By blending this and a few other materials tightly twisted together for this remarkable finish.

The Tomkinson Twist is known for its neutral colours for a simple yet natural appearance, our most popular collection. At Carpet Corner, we have handpicked the most popular, innovative and cost effective Tomkinson Carpets.


Unique Carpets courtesy of Manx Tomkinson

Manx Tomkinson has three main collections, the first already being mentioned in this blog. The Tomkinson Twist Collection has an 80/20 composition to focus on feel, weight and ultimately comfort. Each of the 25 different colours offers a unique warm welcome when stepping into your home.

Despite the name, Seasonal Views are the year round solution for hardwearing yet visually pleasing flooring. This appearance is inspired by natural landscapes, hence the gleaming meadow green and a bold rural grey. Browse the 16 different rural inspired colours which replicate the gorgeous British countryside.

For a much different approach, consider the Natural Shades collection instead.  Made up of 50% wool and 50% polypropylene, this collection has a blend of striped and plain patterned carpets. The sheer simplicity in design makes them very modern options which will make your home feel more homely.


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