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Is vinyl flooring making a comeback?

Luxury Tile Floor Outside

In the past few years, there have been murmurs and concerns about the viability of Vinyl Flooring, both Vinyl Plank Flooring and Tiles.  Questions have plagued the market such as is luxury vinyl flooring going out of style and are there better options?

Customers are always welcome to ask such questions when they are looking to invest in new flooring. But however you look at it, Vinyl Flooring is definitely going to make a huge statement in 2023.

So if you are going to shop Luxury Vinyl Flooring make sure you do so at Carpet Corner Atherton.  If you really do want your vinyl floor tiles to stand the test of time then our installation team will guarantee this.

Domestic Vinyl Plank Flooring Aesthetic 2023

Based on current trends, Vinyl Plank Flooring and Vinyl Floor Tiles are very prominent in domestic settings in 2023. Actually becoming a key component to helping you settle into your new home or décor. Specifically Kitchen Vinyl Flooring, with a lot of kitchen designs complimenting the visual aesthetics and colour palettes. 

A frequent example in which we see is Tile Effect Flooring being used in grey kitchen decors. Not just being visually appealing but being a long term solution as it always has been. The same applies to Bathrooms too, especially with how far bathroom furniture design has come in recent years.

In short, the aim shouldn’t always be completely focused on the long term. As usually, with a high quality flooring basic maintenance will get plenty of extra years out of it.

LVT are here to stay

It is expected that Vinyl Tiles will maintain popularity, but it is actually Vinyl Planks which are expected to increase in popularity. Year on year these planks closer to achieving a natural appearance, due to advanced manufacturing technology. This applies to the texture, the patterns and especially the colours too.

On this note, there is ample variety it isn’t just stone and wood visuals available on the market. There are many different materials, our most popular ones consisting of marble and concrete for vinyl roll flooring. But, the most overlooked out of all the vinyl floors are certainly decorative tiles.

Decorative Tiles can be whatever you want them to be, embracing a consistent pattern. These can be extremely elaborate with plenty of colour, these provide such a statement they don’t even need to match. Alternatively, a simple design can be minimalistic yet bring elegance to your bathroom, kitchen or living room.

Carpet Corner Vinyl Flooring Manchester

Carpet Corner will certainly help you navigate the current vinyl flooring trends 2023. In our Atherton showroom, will definitely be the place to find the long term solution for your home. Not to mention the fact that we have other floors, for instance laminate, karndean, and designer floorings.

Alternatively, if you have a certain enquiry which needs answering then fill out our contact form. This will be the quickest way of contacting our team, so will be able to answer any question. So to do this all you have to do is click here.