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How to maintain your Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Flooring has a gleaming appearance, but regular care is needed to maintain this desirable appearance. Thankfully compared to other types of flooring, like carpets, Vinyl Flooring is easier to maintain, but it’s still necessary.

Carpet Corner know how irritating dirty flooring can be. So, here is a brief guide on how to clean your vinyl flooring effectively.

How to clean your Vinyl Flooring

When you invested in Vinyl Flooring, you invested in the advantages and overall ease of it. Being hard to damage, being water-resistant, as well as being stain-resistant, a quick wipe will sort any spills.

With routine cleaning, a damp mop and a product for vinyl flooring will do the best job aesthetically. Using either a polish or cleaning cream, will make the biggest difference visually. However, to make the bigger difference long-term there are alternatives.

Getting rid of germs and any trapped excess can be difficult even at the easiest of times. Yes, deep clean mops do wonders on Vinyl Flooring and are easy to use and effective for cleaning.  But still, you may be worried about build-ups affecting the longevity of your flooring.

Carpet Corner recommends a mix of hot water, one cup of cider vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. This will completely wipe out any dirt and build-ups within your flooring, definitely the most effective way of cleaning it. However, this may be at risk to the colour and material on repeated uses.

For a safer alternative, wax can bring out the most out of the colour and style. Wax will bring out the colour and gleam in your Vinyl Flooring, which you had when you first bought it. Vinyl Flooring can also be dented and wears in sunlight, so wax will make the flooring a lot more solid.

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