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How is Vinyl Flooring made?

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Multi-layering is one of the biggest selling points of vinyl flooring, but how exactly is it made? Vinyl flooring, whilst being affordable, a strong resister and gorgeous flooring, a lot goes into the manufacturing. Carpet Corner are flooring specialists, and we want to ensure that you know everything possible about your flooring before purchasing.

How is it made?

Vinyl Flooring is predominately made up of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), used to make the vinyl sheet. This is the material that makes the flooring water-proof and ultimately a lot more durable. To do this, the vinyl is made into a mixture. The mixture is then spread across the planks and heat compressed.

The backing layer is basically your flooring canvas and ensures a much more effective installation. Backing Layers are paired with inter-core layers, with the intention of adding bulk and thickness to the flooring.

After this, the print layer is applied, the layer in which the visual layer will be put on top of. By using Rotogravure Printing, you are able to achieve the realistic natural appearance you desire.

Without a protective layer, this design will easily fade, which is where the protective layer comes in. A Clear Wear Layer is the final piece to the puzzle. This final layers purpose is to protect the print layer and add a sparkling finish. After this the layers are all laminated together, using heat and pressure, keeping it in place.  

Flooring Specialists Manchester

All flooring is inspected before being sent out for delivery, with vinyl flooring being no exception. From resistance to speed of wear, every Vinyl Flooring will be examined before being dispatched.

Whilst yes, there is both Vinyl Sheet Flooring and Vinyl Tiles, this does not impact the manufacturing process. The sheets are cut in the same way tiles are.

With you now understanding how our flooring is manufactured, you may further understand the advantages.

If you are interested in a new Vinyl Flooring, you are in the perfect hands with Carpet Corner. We have been providing our local customers with the most affordable flooring for years! Having an in-store team who know the ins and outs of vinyl flooring, we ensure an exceptional installation services.

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