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Household Blinds for Every Room

Household Blinds for Every Room
Household Blinds for Every Room, which is made to measure blinds, is a fantastic way to allow light into your room without feeling too open. Also, they play a significant part in any home, locking unwanted light from entering, which is perfect for people who get disturbed easily by natural light while sleeping.
Blinds are a popular alternative to curtains and can enhance the appearance and functionality of your home. In particular, not only for decoration or aesthetics but also for the owner’s safety from people who want to take a peek in their homes.
Here at Carpet Corner, we have over 50 years of experience in the home improvement industry. So, if you feel slightly overwhelmed when choosing the right style of blinds for your home, let us help! We’re able to create the right blinds for you. Our bespoke blinds come in various colours, materials, finishes, and sizes.
So, let’s look at the benefits of made-to-measure blinds so you can be best informed to make the right decision.

to help you choose your perfect Household Blinds for Every room

Made-to-measure blinds are made to order. Therefore, they are created to your specifications, from the size and shape of the window frame to fabric and functionality. Moreover, blinds are custom-fitted to your windows for a perfect fit with no gaps. They enhance the appearance of your windows and provide better light control and privacy.

Unusual size windows/small or large windows

Finding blinds that fit right can be challenging. Therefore is unsuitable to use regular blinds as they will not work. Due to this, it’s where made-to-measure blinds take the spotlight. Your windows are precisely measured so that blinds can be made to fit them perfectly. A well-fitted blind can also increase your home’s energy efficiency as the warmth is kept in, and the cold air and drafts are kept out.

Made-to-measure blinds are not mass-produced. They are made from scratch and individually tailor-made to suit your window sizes and requirements. The benefit is knowing your blinds will fit your windows perfectly when you get them. No additional alterations are necessary before fitting.

As a result, it is a significant time-saving factor, but the tailor-made service is usually reflected in the price of the blind as you are paying for a bespoke service. However, if you are on a budget, it’s worth knowing that many ready-made blinds can be cut to size to fit your windows. Giving you the exact customised look and perfect fit that a made-to-measure blind can.

What are the different types of blinds for every Room?

The different types of Household Blinds for Every Room, which are also made to measure blinds are:

Wooden blinds

Also known as Venetian blinds are an elegant and charming choice. These blinds offer superb functionality, durability, and the timeless beauty of natural wood. Additionally, wooden blinds allow buyers to enjoy accurate light control and privacy. 

Faux wooden blinds 
Natural wood can sometimes warp or crack when space is prone to high moisture levels. To avoid this in kitchens or bathrooms, look to faux wooden blinds. Faux wooden blinds provide water and stain resistance and are as easy to clean as real wooden blinds.
Metal Venetian blinds 
Metal Venetian Blinds are built using high-quality aluminium, which is tough against moisture and wear and tear. The horizontal slats make them stylish, sleek, and just as functional as their wooden counterparts.
Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are one of the most popular blinds in the UK. They are the lowest-cost type of blind to buy when comparing like-for-like to other blind types; thus, if you’re on a budget or shopping for blinds for every window of your home. Additionally, come in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit every taste.

Roman Blinds 

Roman Blinds are also a popular choice. They are a classy window furnishing and a more compact alternative to curtains in various colours, patterns, finishes and materials. These blinds are made in a way that prevents excessive cloth use. Its design is suitable for those who do not want too much curtain fabric for their windows, providing a minimal and neat window cover. While creating pleats, they come in options, including thermal and blackout linings.

Illusion/Allusion Blinds
Illusion/Allusion Blinds are a unique window dressing for the modern home. They are perfect for fitting windows, patio doors and bi-folding doors. These stylish blinds are built from sheer and opaque fabrics, allowing daylight to filter into space while allowing a view of the outside. However, with the twist of a wand, the layers come together to deliver total privacy. Therefore, making them an excellent choice for rooms on the ground floor where you may work or entertain during the day but then relax in the evening.
Vertical Blinds 
Vertical blinds are a classic choice and are popular around the world. They have been designed to control privacy and light within your living space. The long, sleek slats have been used significantly in homes and offices where the flexibility of light control is paramount. The vertical louvres can tilt and turn depending on how much of a gap is required, and they can be drawn back wholly to enable more light to enter a room.

What kind of blinds are popular now?

There have been significant shifts in blinds and shutters trends over the past few years. As people’s priorities change, different kinds of window blinds with other features and functions are becoming more important. Natural Wood/Faux Wood and Roller Blinds are still popular.
However, Illusion/Allusion blinds are probably the fastest-growing trends in window shading for 2023, as they’re incredibly versatile, providing privacy, light control and soft, subtle elegance.

What is the cheapest way to buy blinds?

The least expensive type of blinds is roller blinds. Also, fabric blinds, such as Roman blinds, will be a more affordable option for your windows.

To find out more about our luxury range of Roller, Vertical and Venetian blinds. Then, look at our website or visit Carpet Corner’s Atherton-based showroom today!