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Cormar Carpets

Cormar Carpets are always looking to innovate with modern carpet ranges, each with different priorities. They aim to bring effectiveness carpet solutions to meet specific needs, rather than novelty. Since 1956, Cormar have been spearheading premium carpet designs across the UK.

Over their lifetime, Domestic Carpets will be stained, damaged and ultimately become unrecognisable from the carpet you originally bought. However, Cormar have found ways to resolve these problems for good!

For us, Cormar are a local carpet manufacturer and Carpet Corner certainly supplies them in our showroom. Our Atherton base is the place to go for the most affordable flooring solutions in the local areas. In driving distance of Bolton, Bury, Salford, St Helens, Warrington and Wigan.


Cormar Carpets and their Different Ranges

The Easy Clean Carpet range is arguably their most popular, perhaps due to exactly what the name states. To put it simply this carpet is stain-resistant and pet & family friendly which can run throughout your home. Just by having a click scroll you will realise there are plenty of different styles to select from.

For a softer carpet without the resistance, consider the Soft Deep Pile Carpet range.  This is the luxurious underfoot and being made from 100% Luxelle Polypropylene. However, you will have peace of mind knowing that you get a 10 year stain warranty.

Lastly, the other two popular carpet ranges are the Wool Loop and the Wool Twist collections. Wool Loop carpets combine unique textures and a resilient feel of striped patterns. The Wool Twist is natural flooring known for colour, how the colour fades together and changes over time.


Shop Flooring Collections at Carpet Corner

Carpet Corner has a huge selection of different flooring manufacturers, not just Cormar. This is in the hope of our customers finding their ideal carpet rather than compromising.

Our team are always here to give you the needed information for you to make the best decision. For immediate enquiries get in contact today!