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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Condor Carpets

Condor Carpets make flooring for all around your home, from living room up to your bedroom. Their domestic collection is absolutely huge and is filled with luxury flooring solutions. Each of these with varying appearances, feels, materials and more, along with a wide selection of colours.

The difference with these carpets compared to others are the amount of time put into perfecting them. With years of research and thorough quality checks, each carpet will be precisely manufactured to meet high standards. In addition their domestic collection, there are also the Intenza and Contract ranges available.

It will certainly be worth your time browsing Condor’s natural and synthetic carpets to add new flavour to your home. So, the best place to do this is in Carpet Corner’s Atherton showroom for the most affordable


The Three Collections

Domestic Carpets aim to improve underfoot feel to create the most comfortable environment in your living room. Each one of Condor’s Carpets is made for the long term, hence why we provide a 10 year wear warranty. Domestic Carpets become really important for thermal resistance, keeping your home warm during the colder months.

The Intenza Collection sets a much more formal tone to your home or work place. This range comes in both premium and deluxe styles, yet maintaining a bold minimalist appearance and style. Overall, having a choice of 17 different colours to choose from and experiment with.

Contract Carpets focus more on pattern and differing design styles rather than a modern flooring solution. This way you get the most hardwearing layered carpet possible, ideal for high traffic areas.  


Condor Carpets at Carpet Corner

Carpet Corner supply carpets from Condor Carpets to bring a fresh new take on domestic flooring. Best of all, we are certainly known for our reasonable prices and our excellent customer services. So, pop by for a browse through luxury carpets at the most affordable prices.