Carpet Shop

Are you looking for a good-value carpet that’s durable enough for a hall, or types of carpet to bring luxury? If so then read on and we hope this guide will help you make the right choice at our carpet shop. Being in the carpet industry, we understand the dilemmas customers can encounter whilst searching for new flooring. Usually it is difficult to identify high quality whilst staying within a budget, however, not with us! The only place you can make the right choice is at Carpet Corner Atherton, the home of luxury carpets.  

Why choose our Carpet Shop?

Atherton’s own Carpet Corner has become a hotspot for homeowners for decades now. And this is all a result of continuously meeting the high expectations of regional and local customers. As a result of this, Carpet Corner has built a reputation for supplying luxury carpets at affordable prices. At a carpet shop, it isn’t all about the selection either as the workforce can massively help you out. Although you may already have measurements to go begin with, there are plenty of more things to consider. Feel and comfort are certainly just the tip of the iceberg, so always feel welcome to discuss with our team. The CC team are always available for questions, professional advice and to help find your new flooring.  As a family run establishment, our knowledge of flooring goes back generations and this will only help. So, even if it’s just for a quick look round  pop into Atherton’s beloved carpet shop today.