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Carpet Fitting in Manchester

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If your about to buy a new carpet and need carpet fitting in Manchester. Then we have written a short guide to help you choose a carpet fitter and what you should agree on before carpet installation begins.  

Having your carpet professionally fitted is always going to give you the best fit and finish for any carpet installation. So, we would always recommend hiring a skilled carpet fitter.

Whilst many DIYers attempt the job themselves, we would recommend using a carpet fitter if you are not experienced with the tools and accessories required to lay a carpet. Furthermore, if your room is an irregular shape or you are carpeting tricky areas such as stairs then a good carpet installer will make sure you get a professional finish.

On this basis, if you are still shopping for carpet, then you’ll be pleased to know that carpet corner offers a free estimate and carpet fitting service in Manchester and surrounding areas. However, if it is carpet fitting only then let us share some tips on finding a good tradesman.

How to choose a  Carpet Fitter in Manchester

We will always use our own carpet fitters. Alternatively, you may be looking for an independent fitter yourself. So, either way, these are the key things you should look out for before you give anyone the go-ahead. 

Use an approved carpet installer First, make sure the carpet fitter has been accredited or endorsed by an organisation that you can trust. This can include professional trade associations such as the National Institute of Carpet and Floor layers (NICF).

Do not just take the fitter’s word that they are a member of any associations or schemes, you can check that they’re listed on the organisation’s website. Nowadays, lots of tradesmen have social media profiles and websites which is handy to look at work they have completed for customers. Additionally, there will be comments and reviews to read about previous carpet installations and customer service.

Get the best Carpet Fitting in Manchester

Once you have found a fitter, ask them for a quote. You will need to discuss and agree on the following, so there are no surprises after the carpet fitting:  

  • The position of any joins in carpets
  • Who will be responsible for moving furniture before and after installation?
  • Who will remove and dispose of old flooring?
  • Whether the doors into the room will need to be adjusted.

A good tradesman will factor these into the price, so ask to make sure that’s the case before you get the final figure.

Paying for carpet fitting 

If you are hiring your own carpet fitting, you’ll often have to pay for your carpet and underlay upfront, and then pay separately for the labour involved in the fitting. This is often the case when the carpet is bought and laid by the same company.

Once you are happy with the quote then it’s time to get your new carpet fitted by Carpet Corner!  Or, if you are hiring a fitter separately from your supplier, ask them when they’ll need to be paid, and how, so that you’re ready on the day.