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Balta Carpets

Balta Carpets are manufacturers of carpets and carpet tiles, providing the most effective broadloom flooring solutions. By manufacturing a polypropylene and wool mix flooring, this produces the most exceptional commercial and domestic flooring.

Decorating your home is made so much easier with Balta Carpets, even in family and pet households. So, don’t orientate your home around cleaning, invest in a hard-wearing yet visually appealing carpet solution.

Carpet Corners supply Balta Carpets to homes across the local Greater Manchester area, providing carpets with a natural-looking appearance. Our team ensure that both quality and price match, even ensuring you get the best-quality for your budget. Never worry about flooring installation again, with Carpet Corner Atherton.


Balta Carpets at Carpet Corner

Balta manufacture to be innovators of flooring, hence why their products are made of 100% PP StainSafe technology. By using different blends of tufted and woven, unique feel and appearance are an expectation of Balta. In more recent years, Balta have successfully been manufacturing and supplying rugs for living rooms too.

Don’t worry about maintenance with Balta Flooring, all you need to clean these carpets is a reliable hoover, its that simple. Alternatively to go the extra mile and go for a deep clean there are many different cleaning products you can use. For instance, wet shampoo, absorbent powder and spray injection-extraction for an in-depth clean.


Carpet Corner’s Wool Mix Carpets

Carpet Corner has selection of different wool mix carpets, including Balta, available in-store. Our Atherton Showroom is the ideal place to browse and purchase affordable flooring with similarly affordable installation services. Carpet Corner cover the local areas of Bolton, Leigh, Salford Wigan and the surrounding areas.

If you have queries or questions about any of Carpet Corner’s products or services get in touch. The Carpet Corner Team have years of experience installing and recommending carpets to our customers. So to get in touch today, click here.