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Associated Weavers

Associated Weavers have been flooring manufacturers since 1964, developing their designs to reach the high-quality they are today. Originally being just carpet manufacturers, Associated Weavers have branched out providing many different types of flooring, for instance vinyl flooring. However, now they are one of the biggest producers of carpet across the whole of Europe.

After this excellent track record and rise in the flooring manufacturing industry, Carpet Corners are proud suppliers! Even despite how desirable their carpets are, we are still able to sell them at a reasonable price. And fortunately, their UK headquarters aren’t too far away so there will be no supply issues.


What sets Associated Weavers apart?

Associated Weavers’ flooring can smoothly slot into any setting, commercial, domestic, you name it! Vivendi and Invictus, their most popular carpet ranges, are examples of smooth comfort paired with a well-manufactured fibre make up.

In terms of appearance, the rich deep colours of these carpets are a massive plus. So much so, that the carpet can be the statement in a living room up to your bedroom. Texture and technique are the shining lights, the texture being really comfy underfoot due to such a unique design technique.

Associated Weavers have definitely become a luxury name in the commercial flooring industry. Their carpets aim to provide warmth and comfort, transforming your living room into whatever you please. Make it a comfortable place to relax, work or even play if it’s a family home.


Carpet Specialists Greater Manchester

For affordable Associated Weavers flooring, visit our Greater Manchester showroom in Atherton. Browse wide selections of different ranges of carpets until you find your ideal flooring at an affordable price. Luxury Flooring does not have to be a luxury price at Carpet Corner.

If you have any immediate inquiries about our flooring ranges, get in touch by clicking here.