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Affordable Artificial Grass

No matter what the weather, your garden will always look rosy and green with artificial grass from Carpet Corner! There’s no more messing around with water hoses or lawn motors. Artificial grass can be installed over near enough surfaces and is safe for family homes with children and pets.

To some the jump from a natural lawn to an artificial lawn may be daunting, but Carpet Corner are here to make it a breeze. All year round your garden will have a gorgeous grass surface, which only builds upon a natural appearance. In addition to being intricately manufactured to last years, so your garden can have both the beauty and the convenience.

At Carpet Corner our grass is flexible and drains just like natural grass. Really! the only difference between the two is that an artificial lawn installation looks good all year round; no matter what the weather (or your family) throw at it!

Autumn Artificial Lawn

Fake Lawns at Carpet Corner

For many years now, Carpet Corner have mainly been bolstering homes with domestic flooring like carpets. However, today we would like to hone in on another one of our services which is Artificial Lawns/ Fake Grass.

These are certainly more than an alternative to natural lawn, instead are arguably the definitive version. This is due to how they cut out the hassle and even guarantee a gorgeous lawn across the year, rather than just summer. Replacing your natural lawn with an artificial lawn offers a range of advantages, from reduced maintenance and water conservation to improved aesthetics and durability.

While the initial investment of installing an artificial lawn may be higher than that of natural grass, it is a cost-effective choice in long-term. Artificial lawns eliminate the need for ongoing maintenance, including mowing, watering, and fertilising expenses. Over time, the savings on water bills, lawn equipment, and maintenance services can offset the initial installation costs.

Artificial lawns offer versatility in design and installation, as they can be customised to fit any outdoor space. Artificial lawns can also be installed on various surfaces, such as concrete, soil, or decking. This flexibility allows you to create a functional and visually appealing landscape design that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Below will outline many reasons and advantages which Artificial Grass will bring to the table for your garden or balcony:

Why Choose Artificial Grass from Carpet Corner?

If you want grass but don’t want the mess and maintenance that comes along with it our solution is the best for you! Artificial, or fake grass offers the perfect solution; as we can give you the dream lawn that always looks good. So, you don’t have to worry about cutting it on those hot summer days.

Also, the fake grass we offer is great for children and pets, allowing them to play on it as they would normally! Additionally, the grass can be put to good use in any weather. Therefore, you can enjoy sunbathing, playing, or relaxing on it whenever you want. 

Moreover, with the minimal amount of maintenance you need to provide the grass you can put the time to enjoying it, making the outside summers all that better. Carpet Corners artificial grass is very versatile, so you can choose it to be laid on almost any surface.

For instance, soil, turf, concrete, tarmac, and paving. It copes perfectly with sloping areas. Meaning, if you have an odd garden slop or shape then that is no problem for a carpet corner grass installer!

No more weeds, no more swampy or bald patches and no more dog wee burns, upgrade your garden in time for this summer!

Convenience as well as Appearance

One of the main advantages of artificial grass is its low maintenance requirements. Unlike natural grass, which needs regular mowing, watering, and fertilising, artificial grass requires minimal upkeep. You can say goodbye to spending weekends tending to your lawn and instead enjoy a pristine lawn with minimal effort.

Weeds can quickly invade a natural lawn, requiring regular weeding and herbicide treatments. With artificial grass, you can bid farewell to pesky weeds. The synthetic material forms a barrier that prevents weed growth; saving you time maintaining a weed-free garden.

For individuals who suffer from grass allergies, artificial grass provides a welcome relief. Unlike natural grass that releases pollen and triggers allergies, artificial grass doesn’t produce allergens. Ultimately, this means that you can enjoy spending time in your garden without worrying about sneezing or itching.

Artificial Grass in the UK

Benefits of Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass Drainbase
Artificial Grass for Balconies and Roof Terraces

Everything you need to know about your new Artificial Lawn

Above, are three very important pages which will inform you of everything you will need to know about Fake Lawns. Starting with maintenance and aftercare, these will be the best way of prolonging the lifespan of your new lawn. Knowing exactly how to clean and neaten up your Artificial Grass will maintain not just the appearance but the materials too.

Although Installation & Drainage will be dealt with by the Carpet Corner team, as a customer its important to know what you’re investing in. Our installation services are second to none, with thorough planning and a straightforward means of laying the lawn. As a result, Drainage will be seamless and will be at no threat to any kind of water damage if the lawn is maintained well.

These Lawns aren’t just made as a lawn replacement, instead are just as effective on balconies and roof terraces. Our Installation Team will ensure that this fake grass will be the perfect addition to your balcony. A large part of this is just how durable it is of a surface, without the threat to the balcony that a hardwood surface brings.