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It goes without saying that, Artificial grass installation is crucial to ensures a long-lasting and functional lawn or balcony surface. Not only will this look to benefit the surface, but it should guarantee efficient and effective Drainage. The end result will be an eye-cataching lawn or roof terrace surface stuck in place, ready to showcase a beautiful lawn surface thanks to our Artificial Grass Installation & Drainage.

In short, Installations will only take place once thanks to the experience and knowledge of Carpet Corner. Each one of our flooring installation team will be able to lay your lawn smoothly to ensure that there’s no problems. This will preserve the material and the surface’s lifecycle and bring peace of mind to drainage.

This page will inform you of some key considerations and techniques for artificial grass installation and drainage:


How to care for Artificial Grass

Before installing artificial grass, the Carpet Corner need to ensure a leveled base with a stable foundation. This involves removing existing vegetation, rocks, and debris from the area. Proper base preparation ensures good drainage and prevents the formation of uneven or soft spots in the lawn.

To elaborate on this, in order to facilitate effective drainage, a permeable base is necessary. Commonly used materials include crushed stone, gravel, or a combination of both. These materials allow water to drain through easily, preventing  water accumulation on the surface.

By installing a perforated underlayer or geotextile fabric over the base this helps with filtration and drainage. It prevents the migration of fine particles from the base into the drainage layer, ensuring optimal water flow. Additionally, the underlayer also functions as a  barrier, used to preventing weed growth from below which would ruin the surface.

Installation & Drainage

Focusing on Drainage

If Drainage is going to be a predominant factor then installing drainage pipes are a must for removing excess water away from the grass. These pipes are typically placed underground, parallel to the slope, and connected to a suitable drainage system. With these installed, if there is flooding cause by excess rainfall or natural causes then more water can be drained from the lawn.

Another incredibly important factor to guarantee is proper slope and contouring are essential to flowing away from the surface. This prevents water pooling and promotes efficient drainage. A Carpet Corner professional installer will carefully contour the ground to ensure proper water runoff.

Keeping your Lawn Watertight

Infill plays a role in the drainage process as well, but also keeping the Lawn together. It helps maintain stability, prevents matting, and facilitates water drainage. Permeable infill materials such as silica sand or specialised artificial grass infill with drainage properties allow water to pass through and reach the base layer.

During the installation process, it’s crucial to ensure proper seaming and edging. Seaming involves joining individual sections of artificial grass together to create a seamless and secure surface.

Edging materials, such as flexible borders or treated lumber, help contain the artificial grass and prevent shifting. Proper seaming and edging contribute to efficient water drainage by preventing water from seeping between sections or escaping from the edges.

Installation & Drainage
Artificial Grass for Balconies and Roof Terraces

Artificial Grass Installation & Drainage at CARPEt Corner

If you are in need of Artificial Grass Installation & Drainage services then contact Carpet Corner. Although we install domestic flooring first and foremost, we have also specialised in artificial lawns for some time now. This is of course in addition to our domestic carpets, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and more.

This does not just apply to initial installation, but any maintenance, repairs and replacements you may need too. This can apply to our professional advice or even aftercare plans which will breathe new life into your lawn.

So to get your new fake grass installed in your gardens or on your balconies get in touch. Carpet Corner welcome all enquiries if you could please fill out our contact form and leave your contact information.