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An Essential Guide to LVT Flooring

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LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is made of plastic and simulates the look of real hardwood floors. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are the most affordable tiles & easy to install. LVT can be fitted in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, or verandah to give you a realistic look of marble, wood, or stone flooring, whichever you want to go with without hampering your budget.

Let us walk you through FAQs that come in customers while buying LVT

Is LVT better than laminate?

LVT is better than laminate wood flooring as it is stain & spills resistant, water resistant in moisture areas, UV resistant, and affordable & cost-effective, fitting in the budget compared to laminate flooring.

Differentiation between vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is similar to LVT when it comes to being an alternative to ceramic tile, natural stone, and hardwood. It is soft & comfortable underfoot to walk & rest feet compared to ceramic tile & hardwood.

Vinyl flooring is water resistant and comes with six layers, in which the top layer protects the wear layer & next layer safeguards the pattern layer.

However, Vinyl flooring can tear while moving the appliances, and if you have a pet at home, it can tear due to pets’ nails.

Vinyl flooring can lead to excavation or gouges if any sharp object, like a knife falls on it.

LVT is the best option if you are looking for a more durable tile and with a premium & visual treat look in your budget. LVT has multiple layers compared to Vinyl Flooring which has six layers.

LVT is most suitable in moisture areas compared to vinyl flooring or hardwood which are not suitable.

LVT gives the most realistic look like hardwood and ceramic tile, and it will be challenging for you to distinguish compared to vinyl flooring which gives a normal look.

Is LVT flooring any good?

LVT is water resistant making it the best tile to use in kitchen & bathrooms where there are high chances of splashes & spillages.

LVT is stain resistant because of its protective coating, meaning it is easier to remove the stain by cleaning it up.

LVTs are the most flexible tiles; you can use them anywhere in your house and even in commercial properties.

LVTs are the most durable tiles because of their natural materials and will give you a stylish matte finish adding an enticing look to the space.

Do I need underlay for LVT flooring?

LVT is UV Resistant, which works well with underfloor heating by absorbing the heat and keeping tile free from heating up. LVT is suitable for all temperatures.

You don’t need to underlay as LVT comes with a protective layer which makes it durable and avoids wear & tear of tile.

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